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Dr. Dan Solloway, PhD

Dr. Dan Solloway, PhD

Dr. Dan Solloway, PhD

On the show Dan's Health Talks, Dan interviews the top experts in the world of natural health. Revealing solutions that mainstream medicine has not yet resolved. 


Immunity and Immune Support

Anti-Aging, Secrets of Longevity

Long-term Fat Loss

Reversing Heart Disease


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Muscular Strength and Fitness

Mental Acuity

Sleep and Recuperation

Pain Relief

Improved Libido and Performance

The Psychology of Health, Stress Relief and Happiness

Solutions to Current World Health Events


Dr. Dan Solloway, PhD

Dr. Dan Solloway, PhD

Dr. Dan has been teaching health and fitness on the air since 1997 and lecturing world wide since 1986.

Dan is the inventor of the Hydro Tone Fitness System. He is an expert in exercise fitness and rehab. He has lectured world wide on these topics.  Dan has helped thousands of clients including pro-athletes, movie stars, business professionals and everyday folks reach their health and fitness goals.

Dan's Qualifications

Dr. Dan Solloway, PhD

Dan's Qualifications

Dan holds 11 US patents and 22 foreign patents in the fitness industry. Dan has certified hundreds of personal trainers world wide.

Dan holds a Masters in Fitness Science and a PhD in Nutritional Science.